External Committees

Budget Committee
In a series of public meetings the budget committee meets to review, discuss, make additions or deletions, and approve the proposed budget presented by Salem-Keizer Transit staff.  Upon completion of its deliberations, the committee approves the budget and sets the tax rate or amount needed to balance the budget. Read more

Special Transportation Fund Advisory Committee 
The Special Transportation Fund (STF) was created by the State of Oregon in 1989 to provide a source of revenue to support transportation services to people with disabilities and seniors. The STF Advisory Committee's role (by law) is to consult with the governing body of the STF agency (Salem-Keizer Transit) regarding the distribution of STF funds and the Regional Human Service Coordinated Transportation Plan. Email planning@cherriots.org for information about membership requirements and a list of duties.

Salem-Keizer Transit is Seeking New Members for the STF Advisory Committee