Bus Stop Improvement Project Breaks Ground

You may see construction at your bus stop in the coming months, but don’t be alarmed – it’s all part of the Bus Stop Improvement Project. Cherriots is installing new bus shelters and upgrading bus stops to improve access for people with disabilities, meet current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards and improve the rider experience in general. This project is funded by regional and state grants.

The Bus Stop Improvement Project is divided into phases, with the first phase focusing on major bus route corridors.

One goal of this project is to provide consistent amenities at every new shelter, such as a trash can, bench and larger bus schedule. Some new shelters will also have solar lighting powered by a solar panel mounted on the roof. The sidewalk between the shelter and the street curb could also be re-paved if necessary. Proposed improvements will vary at each stop depending on the stop’s current state.

Replacing a shelter will take approximately one day for each bus stop. Improving the sidewalk will take longer. Bus stops will not be closed during shelter replacement work, but temporary bus stops may be placed nearby.

The project also includes the removal of discontinued stops and underutilized shelters. 

Cherriots received funding from two sources for this project. This money cannot be used for operating bus service, such as weekend service. The Salem-Keizer Area Transportation Study (SKATS) Metropolitan Planning Organization approved a total of $695,380 from the Surface Transportation Program. The Oregon Transportation Commission awarded Cherriots a grant for $1.9 million. Cherriots' match for the project is $289,589.

For more information on the bus stop improvement project, contact Steve Dickey, Director of Transportation Development, at 503-361-2552.