Attention Riders: Service Changes Effective September 5, 2017Aug 1, 2017

Every four months – January, May and September – Cherriots implements service changes based on input from customers, transit operators, Cherriots employees and performance monitoring results.

Route 15X Being Discontinued
While most of the changes for September are minor adjustments to improve services, a significant change is the discontinuation of Route 15 X. This route was paid for by the State of Oregon as part of the Employee Bus Pass Program, which is no longer being funded. Although, the State Employee Bus Pass Program has ended, Cherriots will continue to honor State Buss Pass Stickers through the end of July. Beginning August 1, State Bus Passes will no longer be valid. Cherriots will continue to operate Route 15X until Friday, September 1. Beginning Tuesday, September 5, the 15X will no longer be in service.

Route 1X - Wilsonville Station Only Wilsonville Stop Served
As of July 17, Wilsonville Station is the only stop in Wilsonville now served by Route 1X. This is to allow for more flexible routing through Wilsonville as traffic continues to increase. This will be treated as a detour until September 5, at which point it will become a permanent change.

Route 2 - New Stop Added
Route 2 will now serve the stop at Church @ Center when heading to Chemeketa Community College.

Route 5 - Extending Last Trip of the Evening
The last trip of Route 5 will be extended to Sunnyview @ Walker so passengers can get home more easily.

Route 9 - Minor Schedule Adjustments
Some scheduled times are changing by up to 2 minutes to help keep the bus on time. 

Route 17 - No Longer Serving Kingwood West and Capital Manor Directly
As of mid-June, Cherriots was asked by Kingwood West Apartments management to no longer run buses into the Kingwood West Apartments parking lot. Beginning July 3, we stopped serving Capital Manor as well because of low ridership, the challenges with picking riders up when the turnaround is blocked, and a future construction project. Currently, all trips of Route 17 stop and layover at the bottom of the hill at Edgewater @ Manorview. This will be treated as a detour until September 5, at which point it will become a permanent change.