Changes to Routes 1, 5/5A, 8/8A, 13 and 1X Go Into Effect Monday, March 7 Feb 22, 2016

Salem-Keizer Transit will be making changes to Routes 1, 5/5A, 8/8A, 13 and 1X. Changes go into effect Monday, March 7. View the updated schedules to see if these changes will affect you.

Changes to RED Line Shopper Shuttle Go Into Effect Monday, March 7

Changes on Route 1X will relieve overcrowding and improve service. In partnership with SMART, Salem-Keizer Transit will be adding extra bus service during the morning commute, and a 3:35 p.m. trip from Salem to Wilsonville. Additionally, the first trip of the day from Salem to Wilsonville will be moved from 4:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. Minor adjustments have been made to the departure and arrival times of other 1X trips as well.

Route 13 will no longer directly serve Center 50+ or Lana Ave. Instead, the bus will turn from Fairgrounds Rd. to Silverton Rd. This will affect the schedule along the entire route, and help keep the bus on time. These stops will no longer be served by Route 13, although they will continue to be served by Route 3: Brooks @ Highland/Center 50+, Pine @ Brooks, Portland Rd @ Highland/Center 50+ and Portland Rd @ Lana. The bus stops at Lana @ DMV and Lana @ 1920 will be removed. Riders will need to walk to either Portland Rd to catch Route 3 or Silverton Road to catch Route 13.

Minor adjustments to Routes 1 and 8/8A will also help keep these buses on time. Minor changes to Route 5/5A will give people a few more minutes to transfer to other routes at the Downtown Transit Center.

Additionally, at the Downtown Transit Center the eastbound Route 5/5A bus bay is being moved from bay N to bay L to prevent confusion between the eastbound and westbound Route 5/5A buses. Route 10 will be located in bay N. Sandwich boards will direct people to the correct bus bays.

Updated Schedules:

Route 1

Route 5/5A

Route 8/8A

Route 13

Route 1X