Welcome to Cherriots Rideshare

Your commute just got easier! If you’re looking for easy and cost-effective ways to get around, you’ve come to the right place. Cherriots Rideshare will help you find transportation options that fit your lifestyle, your schedule and your commuting needs.

Find a Ride!
Cherriots Rideshare offers free carpool and vanpool matching through Drive Less Connect, Oregon's online Ridematching tool.  With this free and easy to use tool, you’ll connect with other smart commuters who are looking to save money, time, and the environment. They are your friends, neighbors and co-workers who have the same travel needs as you.

Carpool and Vanpool
Riding with other commuters is a brilliant way to go. Did you know that carpooling to and from work can cut your driving expenses in half and riding in a vanpool cuts the cost even more? Using Drive Less Connect’s ridematching function, you get a personalized list of carpool partners so you can set up your own carpool or join an existing carpool or vanpool.

To get started, register at www.drivelessconnect.com and receive a customized ridematch list of others that live and work near you.

Commuting to work or school by bike is smart on so many levels. There are health benefits as well as the chance to clear your head and relax while you ride.  Choosing to travel by pedal power and not by car is financially savvy as well – it saves thousands of dollars a year in fuel, insurance and parking. And biking is one of the greenest ways to go!  You can use Drive Less Connect to find a bicycling partner too.

Park & Ride
Park & Ride lots are a great way to leave your car behind and catch the bus, meet your carpool, or finish your commute with a relaxing bike ride. Just park your car, lock it, and leave it.  There are many convenient Park & Ride lots throughout the region. Check the Park & Ride listing to find one near you.

Emergency Ride Home Program
Emergencies happen and things come up. That’s why we want to be sure that when you use a planet-friendly way to work, you know you will have a ride home in the event of an emergency.  Many area employers are registered participants of the Cherriots Rideshare Emergency Ride Home program.  Please contact Cherriots Rideshare to find out if your employer is registered.

Questions? Need Help? Contact Cherriots Rideshare at rideshare@cherriots.org, or call (888-323-7665) or (503-371-7665) for assistance.