Learn More About the State Employee Bus Pass Program

In March 2016, the State of Oregon passed a budget bill that included funding to restore the State Employee Bus Pass Program and an express route between the Airport Rd. Park & Ride and the Capitol Mall. This popular bus pass program and express route were eliminated in 2009 due to budget cuts during the Great Recession. Through the State Employee Bus Pass Program, any state employee working in the capitol mall area will be able to use their employee ID as a bus pass. 
When does the bus pass program begin?
The official start date is Friday, July 1, 2016. To promote the new bus pass program, from Monday, June 6 to Thursday, June 30 any state employee who works within the eligibility boundaries can ride the bus at no charge courtesy of Cherriots. No bus pass or sticker is required during this promotional period. State employees just need to show their state ID badge.
What happens if my worksite is within the program's boundaries, but I do not have a state issued ID card for work?
If your agency does not use a photo ID card, please contact Cherriots customer service at 220 High Street to purchase a photo ID for $5.
Who is paying for this program?
The Legislature authorized the Oregon Department of Administrative Services to establish a bus pass program through Salem Area Mass Transit District (Cherriots).
Is the program only available to permanent employees?
Permanent and temporary employees are eligible.
Will SMART transit also accept the state IDs for trips on their buses originating from Wilsonville?
Yes, but only Route 1X providing service between Salem and Wilsonville. Route 1X is operated through a partnership between Salem-Keizer Transit and SMART.
Why is the bus pass program limited to employees in the Capitol Mall area?
Unlike other state office locations, parking in the Capitol Mall area is limited and workers must pay for their spaces. Additionally, the bus pass program is an effective transit option that relieves congestion in the downtown corridor.
Does it cost money to park at the Airport Rd Park & Ride?
Can I park at a different park & ride, like the Market St Park & Ride or Keizer Transit Center Park & Ride?
Yes, see the list of park & ride lots in the Salem area.
Is Route 15X only for people with the state pass?
It is open to all riders.
On which routes does the pass work?
The bus pass is valid for all Cherriots routes, Route 1X and the West Salem Connector. Route 2X and CARTS are not included.

How do I know if I qualify for the pass? The eligibility boundaries for the State Employee Bus Pass Program are: the Willamette River to the west; D Street to the north; 14th Street to the east; and Mission Street to the south. Employees stationed at worksites within these boundaries are eligible for the bus pass.
How do I pick up my pass?
To receive the sticker, mail, email or fax the completed application to DAS Fleet and Parking Services and  DAS will mail the sticker to your listed work address. 
Fleet & Parking Services 
1100 Airport Rd SE 
Salem, OR 97301-6082 
503-378-2157 (fax)

Is there a website where I can download an application form? 
Your pass will be your state ID or the Cherriots-issued ID with the sticker. The sticker is the equivalent of a bus pass.
How long will my pass be valid?
The sticker is valid through December 31, 2016. A new sticker will be issued at the beginning of each calendar year.
Why do state workers get special treatment?
Any employer may contact Cherriots to establish a similar program for its employees.
How can Cherriots afford this but not Saturday service?
The state is paying Cherriots for this service.
Who at DAS should I contact for more information about this program?
Call 503-378-5090 or email state.parking@oregon.gov.